Dare to Succeed

“You need a strategy”

You hear this phrase thrown around all the time at work, but do you practise it in your own life?

We all have personal goals and ambitions, but rarely a strategy we can refer to along the way. Strategies are used to map out an efficient guide to an end goal, so, if you've got a personal target to reach, why wouldn't you have a strategy?

The key word written above is 'guide'. Shellye Archambeau makes a great point explaining that, although we can’t predict the future, we can definitely take the right steps to improve our odds of success. Shellye is former CEO of MetricStream, a Silicon Valley-based governance, risk and compliance software company, and currently serves on the boards of Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies, and Okta. During our event, Dare to Succeed, Shellye gave our members top tips on strategising for success. Here are some of her excellent tips below:

1. Before the strategy, you need an end goal.

Don’t be afraid to set various goals, short and long term. They act as mini check points and help guide your everyday actions to reach your end goal. Watch the clip below for a thought-provoking analogy from Shellye.

2. Research, so you can “make decisions consistent with the plan.”

If your goal is to become a CEO, try researching people currently in that position and note down all the similarities between them. Once you’ve highlighted some key points, research how you can acquire some of those skills or experiences to improve your odds of achieving what they did. This is simply learning from experiences of others, like a mini case study.

3.  Stay connected

Cultivate your network because, in the words of Shellye, “nobody accomplishes anything all by themselves”. You also want to be open-minded with your connections; you never know how a stranger could positively impact your day, or life!

Shellye's event was filled with great insights, so we made sure to save a recording in our learning hub for all our members to watch if they missed it. If you liked this post, then maybe a membership with London business Forum is for you!  

If you’re interested, check out Shellye's website to learn more about the great work she does here https://shellyearchambeau.com/

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