If you're in L&D, you'll love it!

London Business Forum are changing their memberships and now offer more benefits than ever.

Lucy Anstie, Head of Client Engagement, gives us a quick summary of the best bits.

1. If you’re in L&D, you’ll love it!

If you work in L&D then you are working tirelessly to give your people amazing development opportunities. Once you’ve found those opportunities, you want people to get stuck in and make the most it, right? Now that LBF are unlimited, we can feed the appetite of your hungry learners. All you need to do is add them to an annual LBF membership and they’ll be able to attend any or all events taking place in that year.

2. The future is virtual!

We used to organise face-to-face events in huge London venues like the British Museum. Then the world changed (let’s not go into that).

We moved our events to the Zoom platform in 2020. It gave us the power to reach people remotely. Interestingly, it also changed our perception of virtual events! We found that virtual gave us freedom for creativity and collaboration. It opened up a whole world of international speakers who can readily speak to our audience. We’re now committed to virtual and in this new hybrid world, your learners can attend our events from wherever they may be.

3. It's like Netflix, but better.

We aren’t really the type of organisation to brag…but we are rather proud of our new Learning Hub.

After 20 years of events with some of the best speakers in the world, we have an archive of recorded footage. It’s available to our members who can now watch on demand. Much like Netflix, the experience is tailored. If you watched ‘THIS’ you might like ‘THIS’. It’s pretty awesome.

L&D teams might also like the option to create their own playlists for their learners. For example, if it’s wellbeing week, you might like to put together a wellbeing playlist of videos and share it with your lovely learners.

"L&D teams might also like the option to create their own playlists for their learners"

These are just a few of the benefits and there is now so much you can do with membership, including your new dashboard of analytics and the option for self-booking. If you have any questions on the new membership, you can email Lucy directly here: [email protected]

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